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You might have thought, like I did, that hat season officially finished, oooh two months back?

Nope. Not according to the Law of DH. Going from LOL-ing at my creations to now refusing to wear anything else, I had to knit another hat for him just so I could throw his other (grubby, over-used, bobbles-bordering-on-drealocks) hat away.

Of couse, this wasn’t a burden and using some lambswool and some blue acrylic (ack) I double knitted this version in double quick time using my own pattern.

It’s warm, covers his ears (a prerequisite for his hats, let me tell you) and looks totally unlike a Rastafarian’s. Unlike the old one, which had complete strangers yelling ONE LOVE, MAN whenever they passed him in the street.

Oh and the midget loves it. Not a necessity but totally a bonus.


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We like our comfort here in Chez Qalballah, as is apparent by the copious amount of cushions we have.

Good for lounging, propping, cuddling and beating people over the head with, they are also great for adding flashes of colour to a room with no major overhaul in decor needed.

So that is what I have been busy with for a couple days – adding fresh colour and a few more cushions to our collection – for added ahhhh after a long day playing, support for old tired bones when knitting, and for good old fashioned pillow fighting.

Aaaaaaand I think I’m done with floral now…

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Remember the aqua linen? Well after pawing it affectionately wondering what it could, should and would become I had a definite brainwave. A brainwave that unfortunately is hard to capture on camera.

You remember also my poncho? That comes into the brainwave as well.

Want to know what my brainwave was?

Well, I was walking into town minding my own business, thinking how warm it was and how soon it would be too warm to wear my beloved ass covering poncho, when it hit me :: a summer version of this classic must-have. In linen? In aqua linen?? Yes! That was it!

All of a sudden I could see myself sitting beside the sea in a cool covering poncho in a colour I adored. And that very day I bought some added sparkle to finish it off.

It was a really quick project and I’m very pleased with the results, even though it is hard to photograph!

Summer ponchos. I set the trend.


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Yes, yes. It was a complete accident. I had absolutely NO intention of filling the shop just yet

But one thing lead to another…. I had some orders to fill, the stash was already all over the floor, so I just kept going til I’d added a few extra things.

It’s been a busy weekend. In fact, I could do with a weekend after this weekend! Ai!

So in no particular order, a glimpse of some things that have whizzed off the machine these last few days masha’allah

Another aqua patchwork cover. I had a lot of emails oohing and ahhing over the last one. I intend to make one for myself at some point insha’allah but this one is for the shop again.

Then another cover in the whimsical style of applique on linen. Again, a lot of love for the washing line, so another make for the shop…

This is a table runner, by request, not in the shop. A little bit of pink and butter colours with a little embroidery detail.

A wrap. Again, not in the shop but just a little something for someone special.

Although a pink patchwork wrap IS in the shop


Then this pencil roll. I loved making this. So fun.

And finally something I haven’t tried before: knitting for the shop. I kept it simple and knit a shawl, since I absolutely love the one I made for myself. It is so versatile and it really is my go-to choice of apparel in these chilly afternoons. Perfect for inside and outside.

So yeah, the shop is stocked masha’allah. And hopefully insha’allah tomorrow if I can shake this awful thumping headache, a show and tell of something just for meeeeeeeeeeeee.


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My youngest son has typical boy interests; he loves wheels and caterpillar tracks and he is mezmerised by my husband’s tool box. In fact, whenever we have workmen over? He is simply hooked – saucer-wide eyes and longing looks at a real work bag.

So a few nights back, feeling under no pressure to make anything, and wanting so much to add to their sad looking role-play box I came up with this: a tool bag for a midget out of recycled materials. Cost? Zip.

Using one of the cotton totes bags you get with everything these days, I cut it open and hemmed the bottom of each, er, bottom. Then, folding the bottom up to half the size of the bag I sewed pockets.I did this on both sides of the tote, added some felt applique tools and then overlocked the whole thing together. It literally took less then ten minutes.

And my son? He goes to work now. Proudly. With his Mama-made tool bag.

I asked DH if he would like one, but after the initial horror had worn off, he declined rudely, laughing in my face, begging me never to ever ever EVER do that graciously.

And soon my children will be struck with horror at Mama-made too. So I am soaking up the feel-good factor now.

I tried to email you an answer but it bounced so I’ll leave the message here and hope you get it. The price is in pounds not dollars and shipping to the US will be five pounds. Thankyou for you interest!}

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