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Blogging off

I’m going to be closing this blog down soon. insha’allah will be starting another. if anyone wants new address plz email me at qalballah AT gmail DOT com and I will forward new address on when it is ready.


Thankyou to everyone who has emailed to ask about the new blog. I’m out of town at the moment and internet access is sporadic, as such, even though I would love to reply to you all I can’t so please don’t take this as a snub. When new blog up and running you’ll be informed via email insha’allah.



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I don’t have any pretty pictures today, because, well, I just couldn’t be assed taking any.So I thought today we’d delve into the murky world of ‘news’.

Swine Flu; pooing your pants yet? In continuous suppliction? Not to cause a mass panic but you DO realise that once this virus hits China and parties with Bird Flu that we are all fugged, don’t you.

OK now panic.

But the good news is it’ll be good weather for it. Bring that on.

And it’s official – I’m technically thicker than a two year old.

So, no change there then.

Carry on.

EDITED TO ADD – actually I took a Mensa test some years ago and qualified to join, but they actually *charge you MONEY* to do so; I wrote back and told them I’m not that stupid….

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Do you ever

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe made a huge mistake and that the world would be better off with you not in it?

… No??

I must have your share too then…

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Enough. I have to willfully stop actively reading about Gaza or my heart will break.

Consciously and respectively moving on, and working towards healing at the same time.

Back after the weekend insha’allah.

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The pictures keep coming. The blood splattered young faces, the glazed eyes, the limp small bodies.

The latest figures from Palestinian health officials say 205 children are among some 600 people who have died in the Gaza war. In the chaos, there are no statistics for how many are among the at least 2,900 injured.

As medics work flat out to save as many young lives as they can, child psychiatrists in both Gaza and southern Israel fear some children will never recover from the psychological damage done as the bombs, shells and rockets fall. …

He talks of a boy he treated five years ago. Grappling in the dark after his house was hit in an airstrike on a Hamas militant next door, he felt something wet.

“He realised it was the flesh of his sister who was blown into pieces. He was in such a state. He couldn’t eat or smell meat for three years after that. I am sure he will suffer some kind of long-term psychological impact.” …

She talks of a two-and-a-half year old boy from Beit Lahiya, scene of heavy fighting, who was taken lifeless to the local hospital.

“He was not injured, his health was OK. The doctors told me the child died because of the shock from the sound of the shelling,” she said. …



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I’m sorry

I tried to get back to normal blogging, but my heart’s not in it, and it just seems very hollow right now. It’s also a little disrespectful I feel (personally) whilst people are burning.

Insha’allah I’ll be back with something a little more positive very soon.

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Just. Cold.

Carry on.

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