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So. Much. Fun.


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Just me, Radio 4, some tisane, relaxed knitting and some eye candy to flicker through? Such a much-needed oasis in a day full of activity, demands and friction.

And the midgets? Quietly engaged…..

Ahhhhh… bliss….

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Blossom, posies, cheap daffodils! I’m a happy bunny. Such colour, texture and aroma.

“Mummy – the trees look like they’ve got icing on them”. Don’t they just!

Have a happy weekend people.


{EDIT: Random number picked number 8::}

Rashidah`s Aunty

Assalamu Alaikum,


The book is yours babes! I’ll get that wrapped up insha’allah and in the post ASAP


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Playing around with a lot of blue. Any colour combinations you’re inspired by these days?

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:: Love in the mail. Gifts from friends.

:: Linen.

:: The colour aqua.

:: Aqua Linen?? Oh yes.

:: This boy and his drawing

:: THIS boy and his intensity {and current dinosaur models}

:: This cup

:: Evening tisane … ahhhh

:: Calmed nerves after a shattering day.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you are celebrating the vernal equinox (in whichever hemisphere of the world!) then I hope you have a peaceful day. Embrace the change and the new season! Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday, I’ll hopefully be back after the weekend insha’allah.


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Sunshine. Warmth. Dappled light.

Close your eyes and listen to the birds. They have urgent calls which sounds like sirens.

The breeze is gentle and even in the shade now there is a little warmth. Although a shawl is sufficient.

We dust down the garden furniture which were wrapped up five or six months ago, gleefully drape and adorn our table with something soft and vintage and eat a junk food treat with flowers and bugs and music to entertain us.

{Picture taken by Eldest}

{Picture taken by Eldest}

And I sit, knitting contentedly, as the babes play and run and remember all the garden games they have forgotten over this long winter. Coats are abandoned and glowing faces are assumed, growing rosier with each passing breathe. And we breathe in the scents, the energy and the very life of the world around us.

As we gratefully and gleefully embrace the freshness of this open season, venturing out for longer each day, I can’t help but feel part of this merry dance, this joyful carousel, which is freely given if only one sees with the right eyes.

On days like this I can’t help but feel fully alive.

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I think flowers are right up there on my ‘simple pleasures’ list, because they really *do* lift my spirits. And waiting ALL winter for daffodils? And ALL that yellow? Really, now. It’s food for the soul.

Continuing the posy saga….

Not ONE lives. I think I will make a sign for our gate which reads “Hear O plants, lose hope all ye who enter here…”

And one last sniff of that giddy perfume….

Go and buy some – enjoy them while you can!

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