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For a long time now I have wanted a place to pin things which, for want of a better expression, inspired my creativity.

Lots of crafters have them. There is even a Flickr group and blog devoted to them.

And they come in all shapes – from simple wires or tapes with pegs to hold the inspirational piece in place, to actual quilt rails, whole walls, back down to basic cork boards with pins.

The reason why I’ve never had one is really because I never had the space. But it became apparent that I would soon really be needing one on a practical level, and voila! a space magically appears before me – necessity being the mother of invention, and all that. The back of a cupbaord door right next to where I work *slaps forehead* why oh why have I never seen it before?!

Right now my board comprises of fabric swatches and sketches (which I am not showing you :P); hardly inspirational, but totally totally revolutionary in terms of how this has improved my work.

There will probably be times when I will feel the need to pin up pictures and shapes and leaves and articles and other things which grip my imagination and make the craft mojo flow etc., but right now this is how I’m working, and it is really such a simple yet SUCH an effective tool. The space to mark out ideas and block work – at a glance my concentration is galvanised as I see just how I want my work to be. Simple, yes. But totally amazing in results.

Inspiration boards. I recommend them to you!


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Yes, yes. It was a complete accident. I had absolutely NO intention of filling the shop just yet

But one thing lead to another…. I had some orders to fill, the stash was already all over the floor, so I just kept going til I’d added a few extra things.

It’s been a busy weekend. In fact, I could do with a weekend after this weekend! Ai!

So in no particular order, a glimpse of some things that have whizzed off the machine these last few days masha’allah

Another aqua patchwork cover. I had a lot of emails oohing and ahhing over the last one. I intend to make one for myself at some point insha’allah but this one is for the shop again.

Then another cover in the whimsical style of applique on linen. Again, a lot of love for the washing line, so another make for the shop…

This is a table runner, by request, not in the shop. A little bit of pink and butter colours with a little embroidery detail.

A wrap. Again, not in the shop but just a little something for someone special.

Although a pink patchwork wrap IS in the shop


Then this pencil roll. I loved making this. So fun.

And finally something I haven’t tried before: knitting for the shop. I kept it simple and knit a shawl, since I absolutely love the one I made for myself. It is so versatile and it really is my go-to choice of apparel in these chilly afternoons. Perfect for inside and outside.

So yeah, the shop is stocked masha’allah. And hopefully insha’allah tomorrow if I can shake this awful thumping headache, a show and tell of something just for meeeeeeeeeeeee.


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Craftwise it’s been a busy and productive couple of weeks masha’allah.

It’s true that since getting my baby back I’ve been a bit reluctant to put her to sleep at nights, and thinking maybe creating a machine holster so I can just wear her around me all day might be something I could use. But apart from just the sheer love of crafting? I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few custom orders to complete too.

I can’t tell you how humble that makes me feel when I get an email asking ‘would you… do you…make xyz?’ – I feel like looking over my shoulder to make sure it is *me* they are asking and not the real crafter behind me…. it never fails to make my day.

So. A few orders sent, some to do and also some things for a shop update which I have enjoyed making and can’t wait to show and tell.

This sewing bag is really pretty masha’allah and I imagined making it for a Mother’s Day gift; except my mother doesn’t do craft *shrugs*. It is a spacious bag for carrying bits and bobs and I also made a matching needle case and bottle top pin cushion. If I had my Nana still alive this would be something I’d make for her for sure. I had her in mind as I made it.

Then a patchwork bag in aqua.

A couple of patchwork and QUILTED cushion covers which I am going to have a hard time giving up because I have grown quite attached to them. Firstly, in aqua…

And then this rainbow patchwork star quilt…

I’m also adding an old friend. Remember this little lady?

She was in the store last year; I took her out when someone expressed interest, but she sat unbought and I never put her back in the store. Well I have no room in my house and so in the shop she goes. Sale price because I want shot of her. Was 55 now 25.

Here she is throwing a tantrum. I cannot cope with another of her tantrums. Tedward Bear is telling her to get a grip. She has to go to someone who will love her. She has had enough of the cupboard. If she doesn’t sell I’m ripping her apart to reclaim the stuffing. Me so evil.

These are in the shop now.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some field bags to repair and fill with nature studies goodies ready hopefully (please!!!) for some spring picnics in our favourite forest! Game on!!

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And this how *I* do it….

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The random number generator picked number 16, which is Laura:

thatโ€™s a beauty, I get inspiration from your crafts and homeschooling methods ๐Ÿ™‚ do you still have your other blog? from another muslim homeschool mom

Well done Laura. It pays to delurk ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be in touch soon insha’allah.

Thankyou for playing along folks. And giving me the love I demanded. The inner diva in me is satisfied. No Mariah carey tantrum shall be forthcoming….

OK moving along. Some other bits of crafty goodness to show you

This bag made out of 2″ patchwork squares. I was so in need of hammering things out for hours on the machine that I completed this patchwork without drawing breathe. Zip. Zip. Zoom. And there it was. I used some fancy embroidery stitch on the handles and the top and it has a generous inside pocket.

Then I’ve also had a stab at whimsy and applique

And I really enjoyed it. It is so liberating and fun! The imagination is free to roam. I used machine stitching and hand embroidery, added lace, and had fun making the curtains that really open and close!

Another log patchwork cushion cover

And finally something I’m really loving. A while ago I acquired some American hand sewn quilt pieces, from a cutter quilt. I love them to bits and have made cushion covers out of some of them.

I really love these. They are soft and old and very beautiful.

I have other things to share soon, but for now these latest bits can be found over in the shop.

And I need caffeine.

Back tomorrow insha’allah!


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What can I say? So far summer has been lousy so when we get a slither of sunshine? We hit the ground running…

It’s just so much nicer when you have extended family to picnic with.

Even simple pleasures like sitting in the garden seem so much better with a whole family around.

Been crafting and knitting and getting ready for a shop update before Ramadan starts. Enjoying this hand dyed yarn from etsy seller Hands and Notions. Was going to knit bootees – but now after seeing it in the flesh? I think some winter woolens for us is in order.

Enjoy the sunshine while you can people!


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