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I’m not even going to try to bother offering a justification for this recent fabric purchase. On so many levels I needed it. But I really wasn’t prepared for how *gorgeous* it is in the flesh.

These are part of Arcadia fabric collection by Sanae for Moda, over on Sew Mama Sew.

These photos do not do these elegant prints justice, they really don’t. I know I say that fabric makes me giddy a lot, but I swear these take my breathe away.

Sexy. Elegant. Subtle. Understated. Classically chic and effortlessly jaw-droppingly gorgeous….

But enough about me – the prints are really great too…


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For a long time now I have wanted a place to pin things which, for want of a better expression, inspired my creativity.

Lots of crafters have them. There is even a Flickr group and blog devoted to them.

And they come in all shapes – from simple wires or tapes with pegs to hold the inspirational piece in place, to actual quilt rails, whole walls, back down to basic cork boards with pins.

The reason why I’ve never had one is really because I never had the space. But it became apparent that I would soon really be needing one on a practical level, and voila! a space magically appears before me – necessity being the mother of invention, and all that. The back of a cupbaord door right next to where I work *slaps forehead* why oh why have I never seen it before?!

Right now my board comprises of fabric swatches and sketches (which I am not showing you :P); hardly inspirational, but totally totally revolutionary in terms of how this has improved my work.

There will probably be times when I will feel the need to pin up pictures and shapes and leaves and articles and other things which grip my imagination and make the craft mojo flow etc., but right now this is how I’m working, and it is really such a simple yet SUCH an effective tool. The space to mark out ideas and block work – at a glance my concentration is galvanised as I see just how I want my work to be. Simple, yes. But totally amazing in results.

Inspiration boards. I recommend them to you!

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The latest bundle from SewMamaSew.

I am loving up these prints right now. They make me dizzy just looking at them. And I’m so glad I went for that blue with pink roses number. Online it looked a lot brighter, like this in fact:

But the reality is a much softer, baby powder blue, with a washed out vintage thing going on. Lovely cotton weight with an excellent drape. The trouble with shopping online is that fabric is such a tactile material that you really only do get the whole deal when you have it in front of you.

I have some ideas for some cushion covers for the house, upstairs and down insha’allah.

Or perhaps just draped all over my sitting room in ‘flung-with-gay-abandon’ fabric orgy style. Who can tell. But I’m guessing it’ll be the cushion covers…

Dizzy, I tell ya…

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I have such a deep respect for the art of quilting and for precise, professional quilters. My jaw hits the table when I see things like this. What an eye for colour and detail; what a mind for form; what patience and craftwomanship.

This is also adorning my table at the moment. Such a useful book – such a generous gift. Everything you need to know about making anything. Has given me a lot of ‘ah hah THAT’S how you do it’ moments. Coming from a non-crafting background everything is a learning curve for me. With this reference book I feel like I’ve got someone to consult now – the teacher I never had to show me how it’s done; saving me precious (and much needed!) brain power and fabric figuring it all out myself

And isn’t this medium of blogging amazing; I have met so many amazing people through this blog – from all over the world, united by their beautiful souls, generous natures and extended hand of freindship. People who started off as ‘readers’ who are now ‘friends’. So cool.

And this…

These bits of loveliness are sitting on my table too. Batting their lashes. Calling me over to the dark side of fabric obsession.

Someone {Shukr. It was Shukr} let slip that our department store now had Amy Butler fabric, and I beat a path to their escalators to see for myself. Oh my. Yes. Yes they do. Yes they do indeedily do and how.

Just miles and miles and MILES of Butler heaven – pink, aqua, blues, oh dear.

Now, I am indecisive and a fabric addict, so I surprised myself by a) only staying there part of an hour rather than half a day, and b) by choosing only three fabics worth a yard.

When it comes to fabric I have learned the hard way that the best way to buy is to go with your gut. Sure, these aren’t new prints and they aren’t really spring/summer colours, but boy, they certainly had me tally-hooing.

I have seen these prints online before and passed them by, but seeing them fo’ real just blew me away (can you tell I’ve never been to a decent fabric store before?!) – the colours are so subtle and beautiful. I would love a whole outfit in that gold number above. Although I’d prolly have to sell a kidney to pay for it…

The colours are really autumnal, but I make no secret of my love for mustard golds and greys all in the same thing. Grey and orange and gold and mustard. Yum.

I told you I love this print?

Just saying.

And this book

Can you believe I have two of these wonderful books? Such a waste. This one is new and just sitting there feeling sorry for itself so an impromptu give-away to one of you. If you would like it leave a comment and I’ll pick a recipient Friday insha’allah.

Now, cuppa in one hand, books and fabric to drool over and some knitting shoved under my arm. Think I can make it to the sofa before the midgets commandeer me??

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It started off as a simple idea which I have been planning all winter and finding just the right fabric for bit by bit.

The idea? Well, quite simply a type of quilt blanket throw thing (non commital? Mmm, yeah) for our bed in yellow and vintage. Remember the yellow thing I have going on there? I needed to tie all the yellows and undertones together somehow.

As well as thinking ‘patchwork’ and ‘yellow’ and ‘vintage’, I was also thinking ‘summer’. We have a duvet masha’allah and we have a quilt for the winter – we even have wool blankets too. But then comes summer – too hot for the quilts and duvet, too cold for nothing at all, so this piece was designed as the solution – cool enough for a summer evening, pretty enough as a throw and vintage enough to make me sigh.

I used a combination of material – cotton, linen, flannel, satin as well as using a mixture between modern and thrifted vintage fabrics, and backed it with a lovely old yellow striped flannel sheet. No batting, but quilted as though there were batting (make sense?)

The result? Well, something pretty masha’allah. And yellow. And vintage-y. I think it works. Whether it survives early morning dive-bombing by two hungry children remains to be seen…

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This weekend had all the ingredients for a completely lovely, uplifting, reviving and rejuvenating time. It’s been a loooong time since I have felt such contentment masha’allah.

Some crafting, of course, in the form of a quilt-top for our bed.

Plenty of posies – a stream of flowers and things generally ripped off stalks made it’s way into our home.

Oh how I *love* the aroma of daffodils. I could bury my head in those petals and inhale like a crack addict. Hm…lovely poetic imagery there I’m sure you’d all agree…

Sun. Hot hot sun. Blue skies. The sounds of nesting all around. All weekend. Masha’allah!

Ergo outdoor play. All weekend! Masha’allah.

Time to sit and knit… ahhhh…..

The barakah of guests, family and good company masha’allah.

Some thrifting thrown in for good measure (a treat in itself, let me tell you :: a bit of time to stroll around a local thrift haven is a little bit of heaven) – and seriously scoring! Yes! Oh I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Some pretty, lovely things (and yes more yarn in some seriously yummy colours) to adorn our home masha’allah.

Another tin – pehaps for buttons? Who knows – currently on my craft shelves awaiting a use …

And some chocolate thrown in for good measure. Good times, people. Good times.

I need to remember that times like these are so very joy-full and make me so grate-full, I am literally full in the heart and glowing with tiredness and contentment. Alhamdulillah. Some days are like this. Life can be so very good.


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Craftwise it’s been a busy and productive couple of weeks masha’allah.

It’s true that since getting my baby back I’ve been a bit reluctant to put her to sleep at nights, and thinking maybe creating a machine holster so I can just wear her around me all day might be something I could use. But apart from just the sheer love of crafting? I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few custom orders to complete too.

I can’t tell you how humble that makes me feel when I get an email asking ‘would you… do you…make xyz?’ – I feel like looking over my shoulder to make sure it is *me* they are asking and not the real crafter behind me…. it never fails to make my day.

So. A few orders sent, some to do and also some things for a shop update which I have enjoyed making and can’t wait to show and tell.

This sewing bag is really pretty masha’allah and I imagined making it for a Mother’s Day gift; except my mother doesn’t do craft *shrugs*. It is a spacious bag for carrying bits and bobs and I also made a matching needle case and bottle top pin cushion. If I had my Nana still alive this would be something I’d make for her for sure. I had her in mind as I made it.

Then a patchwork bag in aqua.

A couple of patchwork and QUILTED cushion covers which I am going to have a hard time giving up because I have grown quite attached to them. Firstly, in aqua…

And then this rainbow patchwork star quilt…

I’m also adding an old friend. Remember this little lady?

She was in the store last year; I took her out when someone expressed interest, but she sat unbought and I never put her back in the store. Well I have no room in my house and so in the shop she goes. Sale price because I want shot of her. Was 55 now 25.

Here she is throwing a tantrum. I cannot cope with another of her tantrums. Tedward Bear is telling her to get a grip. She has to go to someone who will love her. She has had enough of the cupboard. If she doesn’t sell I’m ripping her apart to reclaim the stuffing. Me so evil.

These are in the shop now.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some field bags to repair and fill with nature studies goodies ready hopefully (please!!!) for some spring picnics in our favourite forest! Game on!!

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