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We’ve spent most of our week so far doing plenty of this: Elderflower cordial (me), blankets and snacks in the sun (them), gardening (old man) and just enjoying the hottest April I have ever known masha’allah.

Really really hoping to have more of the same this weekend.

See you Monday insha’allah.


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I was flicking though Flickr and I came across some old photos of the babes. Moments which at the time seemed irrelevant can carry so many memories can’t they?

They can take you right back in an instant. Good God I was ill when these were taken.

Grobags! I’d forgotten the cuteness of Grobags!

And tinsel – and sleepsuits which had to be put on backwards lest they be rived off in an instant! I’d totally forgotten that fight!

Toddling. Waddling. Ready to clean up this town.

Small people for such a short time…

Memories can be such a double-edged sword…

Good God I love these people. Masha’allah.

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This weekend had all the ingredients for a completely lovely, uplifting, reviving and rejuvenating time. It’s been a loooong time since I have felt such contentment masha’allah.

Some crafting, of course, in the form of a quilt-top for our bed.

Plenty of posies – a stream of flowers and things generally ripped off stalks made it’s way into our home.

Oh how I *love* the aroma of daffodils. I could bury my head in those petals and inhale like a crack addict. Hm…lovely poetic imagery there I’m sure you’d all agree…

Sun. Hot hot sun. Blue skies. The sounds of nesting all around. All weekend. Masha’allah!

Ergo outdoor play. All weekend! Masha’allah.

Time to sit and knit… ahhhh…..

The barakah of guests, family and good company masha’allah.

Some thrifting thrown in for good measure (a treat in itself, let me tell you :: a bit of time to stroll around a local thrift haven is a little bit of heaven) – and seriously scoring! Yes! Oh I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Some pretty, lovely things (and yes more yarn in some seriously yummy colours) to adorn our home masha’allah.

Another tin – pehaps for buttons? Who knows – currently on my craft shelves awaiting a use …

And some chocolate thrown in for good measure. Good times, people. Good times.

I need to remember that times like these are so very joy-full and make me so grate-full, I am literally full in the heart and glowing with tiredness and contentment. Alhamdulillah. Some days are like this. Life can be so very good.


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I’m sorry; that’s all I could manage today. Back tomorrow insha’allah on a more positive and genuinely happy note.

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You know, so often when I buy craft supplies I buy for the home. Rarely do I buy for myself alone, and almost next to no time do I buy with my boys solely in mind. Most things have to cover a multitude of uses. One size fits all, you might say.

But I had an urge, I heard a calling, summer clothes and beach play in mind I bought these fabrics just for my boys. I know without doubt they will be mesmerized by them – choos choos? Diggers? Back-hoe loaders? Come on – they’ll be the envy of the playground. Er, masha’allah (?)

And here’s something else for my boys too – the first lollies of the season – oh they were devoured with great appreciation.

Can you see a theme developing here at Sew Q? Can you see a nudging towards full on outdoor living?

I’m willing it on….

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When I first started crafting a couple years back now, these are the very first things I made.

Beach blankets and picnic blankets. It was the first time I had cut fabric (and learned you really need proper scissors!), the first time I had used a machine (straight lines really do help!) and the first ever patchwork (really now, you need to measure).

These blankets were the start of something very magical for me – they were the beginning of understanding how a creative life can improve the life of a whole family. They were the beginning of appreciating handmade (with the imperfections that sometimes permeate) over soulless mass produced things. They started the love of crafting for me.

These blankets have been everywhere with us. There is no adventure we have had that hasn’t included at least one of them (you can’t, by the definition of Enid Blyton, have an adventure without a picnic, can you?!). They have stood the test of time (so far!)

When I dug these out after a long, cold, winter of neglect and washed out their winter funk, it brought smiles to my babes: they knew what this meant :: it meant picnic season is closing in. Washed and ready all we are waiting for is the signal to GO.

And I hope that a summer of hard play leaves these well loved favourites covered in ice cream, sun cream and grass stains. And the fact that they are handmade – makes me love them even more.

Picnic season! Can’t wait!

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