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I won! I won! I won something!

I’m excited – can you tell?

A while back over on Beauty That Moves I was lucky enough to be a Friday giveaway winner. This stuff is what I won….

So cute. Thankyou, Heather! Everything has found a home and that doily? Totally my favourite.


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:: Love in the mail. Gifts from friends.

:: Linen.

:: The colour aqua.

:: Aqua Linen?? Oh yes.

:: This boy and his drawing

:: THIS boy and his intensity {and current dinosaur models}

:: This cup

:: Evening tisane … ahhhh

:: Calmed nerves after a shattering day.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you are celebrating the vernal equinox (in whichever hemisphere of the world!) then I hope you have a peaceful day. Embrace the change and the new season! Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday, I’ll hopefully be back after the weekend insha’allah.


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I received the new Cath Kidston catalogue in the post a few days ago.

What can I say? It’s everything you would expect from Cath Kidston – shabby, retro, vintage chic. Floral prints. Oilclothe. Disclothes more expensive than the things they would be washing. Pretty little English things in farmhouse country cottage style oozing out of the pages.

And I learned one thing: too much of a good thing can be tedious; sometimes less is more; sometimes nothing is better than anything covered in flowers.

Although I suspect it’s a lot like life – it’s an Ideal some people strive for; maybe a sense of Englishness that we feel has been left behind in this ultramodern era – a past that was always better, and Golden and more desireable and all-round healthier than what we have now.

And that has never been Real Life; and it isn’t about Real Life. It’s about a Perfect Life – the life we dream about, the goal we strive for.

I don’t think I strive for Farmhouse Chintz, but I do understand it’s attraction; the link to the Granny, the mothering, the past that comforts us. In a way, a return to the womb. We create in our homes things which make us feel safe and comfortable and secure.

And that, no matter how it is dressed up (or down) is what a home really is – a place we feel safe; a place we can nestle with our children under our wings and keep the confusing, dangerous world outside the door at bay.

Except without so many flowers as a Cath Kidston catalogue? That would be good….

What is YOUR ideal home?

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The random number generator picked number 16, which is Laura:

thatโ€™s a beauty, I get inspiration from your crafts and homeschooling methods ๐Ÿ™‚ do you still have your other blog? from another muslim homeschool mom

Well done Laura. It pays to delurk ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be in touch soon insha’allah.

Thankyou for playing along folks. And giving me the love I demanded. The inner diva in me is satisfied. No Mariah carey tantrum shall be forthcoming….

OK moving along. Some other bits of crafty goodness to show you

This bag made out of 2″ patchwork squares. I was so in need of hammering things out for hours on the machine that I completed this patchwork without drawing breathe. Zip. Zip. Zoom. And there it was. I used some fancy embroidery stitch on the handles and the top and it has a generous inside pocket.

Then I’ve also had a stab at whimsy and applique

And I really enjoyed it. It is so liberating and fun! The imagination is free to roam. I used machine stitching and hand embroidery, added lace, and had fun making the curtains that really open and close!

Another log patchwork cushion cover

And finally something I’m really loving. A while ago I acquired some American hand sewn quilt pieces, from a cutter quilt. I love them to bits and have made cushion covers out of some of them.

I really love these. They are soft and old and very beautiful.

I have other things to share soon, but for now these latest bits can be found over in the shop.

And I need caffeine.

Back tomorrow insha’allah!


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Something sparkly caught my eye. I have to admit I’m not very big on jewelry, but these are so jolly and perfectly blue.

And on sale. Always a distinct bonus. The sale continues til the 28th Feb, so still a chance at grabbing some pretty little things yourself.

I think the only problem would be choosing which ones to buy and which ones to leave for others…

Some choices are so tough, aren’t they??!

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Take care


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I really do try. I try to give them experiences of the world, I try to follow their interests. I try to educate them in a conventional sense too. As well as encourage academia I try to instill an appreciation of higher culture. As well as sitting inside doing quiet work I try to balance this with activity and company and adrenaline. In short, we try as parents to live and give a balanced life.

Anyone who homeschools their kids and says it is easy it lying. It isn’t easy. Because life impinges on everything. You have to stir the cooking as you are watching your eldest work on his Math. You have to wash the dishes and let the little one play along. You are constantly juggling – the needs of your children, the needs of the house, and finally, last of all, your own needs (which alway almost certainly come a very belated last). And it never stops. There is no break, no five minutes to gather oneself, to do what one wants, because there is always a question to be answered, and a person to be nurtured. And if you are fortunate enough to have a ‘spirited child’ the work is so much more intense.

Some days things go well, or OK, or evern sufficiently passable.

But other times I feel like a hurricane has ripped through and I’m left bewildered and shell-shocked and grappling to hold the threads together lest they unravel completely. {And sometimes when they do it isn’t a bad thing… }

But me? I find the drudgery so very underwhelming.

And perhaps it isn’t even the drudgery, but the feeling of battling, against all odds, against the norm, against society and government and the disapproval of others which eventually seeps in and creates doubt and dissatisfaction which you must keep quiet upon which is the real brain burner.

Having chosen a path there is the assumption you can’t complain about it. That if you have chosen a path you can’t have doubts, that you don’t have misgivings.

Well this week has had a few of these days. A few too many, perhaps. I’ve had a week-long migraine, and I think that’s nature’s way – it’s a reminder to me to take a step back. To stop, and breathe and recharge.

Usually a good forest walk is what is takes, but when that fails? A walk among other pieces of beauty is almost as good.

And beautiful gifts from other crafters – a little piece of love and warmth to remind you you are not alone in this madness?


Hoping to have more positive days soon. Until then, I’ll stare at the beauty I’ve been blessed with.

{And as an aside – how do YOU recharge – I’d love to know}

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They are all on my wishlist – loving:: them from afar. Would just like to draw your attention to the sidebar “Take A Look” section, which I have re-instated. Loving :: those links a lot.

Loving :: my childrens’ books…

Loving :: Miller. Again. Especially The Crucible. Again. If I can’t go to the theatre, then at least the theatre, or part of it, can come to me…

What things are you loving right now?

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