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You might have thought, like I did, that hat season officially finished, oooh two months back?

Nope. Not according to the Law of DH. Going from LOL-ing at my creations to now refusing to wear anything else, I had to knit another hat for him just so I could throw his other (grubby, over-used, bobbles-bordering-on-drealocks) hat away.

Of couse, this wasn’t a burden and using some lambswool and some blue acrylic (ack) I double knitted this version in double quick time using my own pattern.

It’s warm, covers his ears (a prerequisite for his hats, let me tell you) and looks totally unlike a Rastafarian’s. Unlike the old one, which had complete strangers yelling ONE LOVE, MAN whenever they passed him in the street.

Oh and the midget loves it. Not a necessity but totally a bonus.


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This weekend had all the ingredients for a completely lovely, uplifting, reviving and rejuvenating time. It’s been a loooong time since I have felt such contentment masha’allah.

Some crafting, of course, in the form of a quilt-top for our bed.

Plenty of posies – a stream of flowers and things generally ripped off stalks made it’s way into our home.

Oh how I *love* the aroma of daffodils. I could bury my head in those petals and inhale like a crack addict. Hm…lovely poetic imagery there I’m sure you’d all agree…

Sun. Hot hot sun. Blue skies. The sounds of nesting all around. All weekend. Masha’allah!

Ergo outdoor play. All weekend! Masha’allah.

Time to sit and knit… ahhhh…..

The barakah of guests, family and good company masha’allah.

Some thrifting thrown in for good measure (a treat in itself, let me tell you :: a bit of time to stroll around a local thrift haven is a little bit of heaven) – and seriously scoring! Yes! Oh I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Some pretty, lovely things (and yes more yarn in some seriously yummy colours) to adorn our home masha’allah.

Another tin – pehaps for buttons? Who knows – currently on my craft shelves awaiting a use …

And some chocolate thrown in for good measure. Good times, people. Good times.

I need to remember that times like these are so very joy-full and make me so grate-full, I am literally full in the heart and glowing with tiredness and contentment. Alhamdulillah. Some days are like this. Life can be so very good.


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Is there any woman on the planet who doesn’t get a high off retail therapy? Tell the truth.

Admit it. We all have our little ways of getting through the day. For some it’s food; for some it’s creating; and sometimes for some it is acquiring something new and pretty.

I’m not too proud to admit it. Buying things makes me happy.

There. Said it.

But you know what? Spending MONEY doesn’t thrill me at all. No. It’s thrifting my latest babies that gives me a buzz. I feel like I’m *saving* money, like I’m making a home and still not being wasteful. It’s a perfect hit:: retail therapy without the guilt!

And really for silly prices like a few pennies it’s almost a crime NOT to buy. Right? Add to that my latest craze of only buying upcycled yarn and well, I’m one happy bunny. I even have no fear of Ravelry now.


I swear he sat like that til I took his photo.

Have a good weekend people!


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Yes, yes. It was a complete accident. I had absolutely NO intention of filling the shop just yet

But one thing lead to another…. I had some orders to fill, the stash was already all over the floor, so I just kept going til I’d added a few extra things.

It’s been a busy weekend. In fact, I could do with a weekend after this weekend! Ai!

So in no particular order, a glimpse of some things that have whizzed off the machine these last few days masha’allah

Another aqua patchwork cover. I had a lot of emails oohing and ahhing over the last one. I intend to make one for myself at some point insha’allah but this one is for the shop again.

Then another cover in the whimsical style of applique on linen. Again, a lot of love for the washing line, so another make for the shop…

This is a table runner, by request, not in the shop. A little bit of pink and butter colours with a little embroidery detail.

A wrap. Again, not in the shop but just a little something for someone special.

Although a pink patchwork wrap IS in the shop


Then this pencil roll. I loved making this. So fun.

And finally something I haven’t tried before: knitting for the shop. I kept it simple and knit a shawl, since I absolutely love the one I made for myself. It is so versatile and it really is my go-to choice of apparel in these chilly afternoons. Perfect for inside and outside.

So yeah, the shop is stocked masha’allah. And hopefully insha’allah tomorrow if I can shake this awful thumping headache, a show and tell of something just for meeeeeeeeeeeee.


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Sunshine. Warmth. Dappled light.

Close your eyes and listen to the birds. They have urgent calls which sounds like sirens.

The breeze is gentle and even in the shade now there is a little warmth. Although a shawl is sufficient.

We dust down the garden furniture which were wrapped up five or six months ago, gleefully drape and adorn our table with something soft and vintage and eat a junk food treat with flowers and bugs and music to entertain us.

{Picture taken by Eldest}

{Picture taken by Eldest}

And I sit, knitting contentedly, as the babes play and run and remember all the garden games they have forgotten over this long winter. Coats are abandoned and glowing faces are assumed, growing rosier with each passing breathe. And we breathe in the scents, the energy and the very life of the world around us.

As we gratefully and gleefully embrace the freshness of this open season, venturing out for longer each day, I can’t help but feel part of this merry dance, this joyful carousel, which is freely given if only one sees with the right eyes.

On days like this I can’t help but feel fully alive.

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I’ve been sucked into Ravelry again. Just looking, of course…

I had always assumed knitting was an autumn and winter craft, but oh my! you can find an excuse to knit almost anytime! Post-winter, pre-summer, chilly weather? I think I need something for that, don’t you??

In various colours, starting with this grey lambswool.

And perhaps something for the DH who might need a new hat? And matching gloves?

A blanket or two or three, and I haven’t tried socks yet and look at that lacey thing!

I think you’re beginning to understand now, internet. Me + Ravelry = Trouble.

It starts off small and before I know it I’m knitting untilmy fingers cease to function. Remind you anyone??

But it’s OK. I control the yarn – it doesn’t control me.

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THIS is my Nana’s knitting bag.

That is to say, that this was the knitting bag of my late, great, bestest Nana. My cool, lovable, warm, crafty Nana which I found in my mother’s house a while back containing a little leftover yarn, a pattern and a crochet hook. The Nana that I love and who I really miss. This is her bag.

But there is just one problem with it: man, it’s UGLY. Beyond ugly – it is FUGLY.

I’m sorry Nan, but what the hell were you thinking? I have tried to love it and embrace it and live with it, but after seeing the pretty bags by Cath Kidston out there? Something had to be done.

Sure I could have bought a new one, but you know that this post isn’t about that, don’t you? You probably know that even if I could have afforded to buy one that I wouldn’t, simply because, well it’s just much more fun to make your own isn’t it?

And having scored some seriously chintzy upholstery fabric at a thrift store for next to nothing masha’allah I didn’t have an excuse NOT to make one.

I made it a little bigger than my Nan’s, and added copious inside pockets – something I do when I make any bag is to include pockets and if it is for a craft purpose? I include MANY pockets – big, small, medium, hidden, crochet hook size, pen size, cotton reel size. Yeah, you get the idea – pockets. I think this insane lust for pockets occured after motherhood and understanding the essential need for many many places to store the crap that mother’s cart around on a daily basis.

It came together fairly quickly and so far I am happy with it – I can stand to look at it, which is an improvement, and even though I will of course keep my Nan’s bag, I don’t think it will be seeing the outside of the house.

But this baby? Well she’s the type of bag you don’t mind being seen out with – park, playgrounds, beach – you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen public with it.

Hope my grandkids don’t blog about how ugly it is in 60 years time….

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