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I won! I won! I won something!

I’m excited – can you tell?

A while back over on Beauty That Moves I was lucky enough to be a Friday giveaway winner. This stuff is what I won….

So cute. Thankyou, Heather! Everything has found a home and that doily? Totally my favourite.


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I have such a deep respect for the art of quilting and for precise, professional quilters. My jaw hits the table when I see things like this. What an eye for colour and detail; what a mind for form; what patience and craftwomanship.

This is also adorning my table at the moment. Such a useful book – such a generous gift. Everything you need to know about making anything. Has given me a lot of ‘ah hah THAT’S how you do it’ moments. Coming from a non-crafting background everything is a learning curve for me. With this reference book I feel like I’ve got someone to consult now – the teacher I never had to show me how it’s done; saving me precious (and much needed!) brain power and fabric figuring it all out myself

And isn’t this medium of blogging amazing; I have met so many amazing people through this blog – from all over the world, united by their beautiful souls, generous natures and extended hand of freindship. People who started off as ‘readers’ who are now ‘friends’. So cool.

And this…

These bits of loveliness are sitting on my table too. Batting their lashes. Calling me over to the dark side of fabric obsession.

Someone {Shukr. It was Shukr} let slip that our department store now had Amy Butler fabric, and I beat a path to their escalators to see for myself. Oh my. Yes. Yes they do. Yes they do indeedily do and how.

Just miles and miles and MILES of Butler heaven – pink, aqua, blues, oh dear.

Now, I am indecisive and a fabric addict, so I surprised myself by a) only staying there part of an hour rather than half a day, and b) by choosing only three fabics worth a yard.

When it comes to fabric I have learned the hard way that the best way to buy is to go with your gut. Sure, these aren’t new prints and they aren’t really spring/summer colours, but boy, they certainly had me tally-hooing.

I have seen these prints online before and passed them by, but seeing them fo’ real just blew me away (can you tell I’ve never been to a decent fabric store before?!) – the colours are so subtle and beautiful. I would love a whole outfit in that gold number above. Although I’d prolly have to sell a kidney to pay for it…

The colours are really autumnal, but I make no secret of my love for mustard golds and greys all in the same thing. Grey and orange and gold and mustard. Yum.

I told you I love this print?

Just saying.

And this book

Can you believe I have two of these wonderful books? Such a waste. This one is new and just sitting there feeling sorry for itself so an impromptu give-away to one of you. If you would like it leave a comment and I’ll pick a recipient Friday insha’allah.

Now, cuppa in one hand, books and fabric to drool over and some knitting shoved under my arm. Think I can make it to the sofa before the midgets commandeer me??

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The random number generator picked number 16, which is Laura:

thatโ€™s a beauty, I get inspiration from your crafts and homeschooling methods ๐Ÿ™‚ do you still have your other blog? from another muslim homeschool mom

Well done Laura. It pays to delurk ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be in touch soon insha’allah.

Thankyou for playing along folks. And giving me the love I demanded. The inner diva in me is satisfied. No Mariah carey tantrum shall be forthcoming….

OK moving along. Some other bits of crafty goodness to show you

This bag made out of 2″ patchwork squares. I was so in need of hammering things out for hours on the machine that I completed this patchwork without drawing breathe. Zip. Zip. Zoom. And there it was. I used some fancy embroidery stitch on the handles and the top and it has a generous inside pocket.

Then I’ve also had a stab at whimsy and applique

And I really enjoyed it. It is so liberating and fun! The imagination is free to roam. I used machine stitching and hand embroidery, added lace, and had fun making the curtains that really open and close!

Another log patchwork cushion cover

And finally something I’m really loving. A while ago I acquired some American hand sewn quilt pieces, from a cutter quilt. I love them to bits and have made cushion covers out of some of them.

I really love these. They are soft and old and very beautiful.

I have other things to share soon, but for now these latest bits can be found over in the shop.

And I need caffeine.

Back tomorrow insha’allah!


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So here it is. A little something for YOU. As a little celebration. Feel like playing? Yes? Oh good.

So anyway, I’ve wanted to have a give away for a long time. Like a year maybe? Yeah, a long time. But I really didn’t feel as though I had anything anyone would want, and well, who the hell reads this blog anyway, and hm… shiny thing… easily distracted. But this time? I wanted to share my Machine Revival joy. Really. I cannot tell you what having my machine back means to me. To my sanity. To my inner health. And having you all being so understanding out there in the larger craft world when my own family kinda just stared at me with long sidways glances and edged out of the room? It meant a lot.

So here it is. Something I made especially for the purpose of sharing with you.

Forgive the photos. The light is terrible here again.

It is a cushion/pillow cover in a log cabin style, measuring 12″ x 12″

So. There you have it. You think you might like it? Huh? Huh?

If you think you might like to give this lonely cushion cover a filling and a home then all YOU have to do is leave a comment here and tell me you love me. Unreservedly. Or say other nice things. I’m not too fussy, but they definitely have to be flattering to my fragile ego.

Comments will be open til first tea break tomorrow (are we on GMT time here now? I don’t know but say 10am London time), whereby I will I use one of those random number generator things to pick a winner.

Unless no one wants it. Then I’ll keep it. Win win all round.

OK. Over to you. Get typing!

{EDIT: OK the comments are now closed and I’ll be back with a winner in a little while insha’allah.}

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Yup! She lives!! Masha’allah!!


Thankyou to everyone who understood about my no-machine funk – those who prayed, wished me well and said ‘Ah never mind’ – masha’allah I am one happy bunny.

I have so many things I want to show you, but for now you’ll just have to be content with these teasing images. But because I am so happy masha’allah, and because you’ve all been so patient with a craft blog with thin-on-the-ground crafting going on, I have something for YOU.

Yes, YOU *waves arms in a semi-circle to indicate my vast readership {hello Mum}*

Tomorrow I am having my first ever Sew Q give-away as a little ‘thank you’ and a little celebration. All you need to do is turn up and enter!

See you tomorrow insha’allah!


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