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You might have thought, like I did, that hat season officially finished, oooh two months back?

Nope. Not according to the Law of DH. Going from LOL-ing at my creations to now refusing to wear anything else, I had to knit another hat for him just so I could throw his other (grubby, over-used, bobbles-bordering-on-drealocks) hat away.

Of couse, this wasn’t a burden and using some lambswool and some blue acrylic (ack) I double knitted this version in double quick time using my own pattern.

It’s warm, covers his ears (a prerequisite for his hats, let me tell you) and looks totally unlike a Rastafarian’s. Unlike the old one, which had complete strangers yelling ONE LOVE, MAN whenever they passed him in the street.

Oh and the midget loves it. Not a necessity but totally a bonus.


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We like our comfort here in Chez Qalballah, as is apparent by the copious amount of cushions we have.

Good for lounging, propping, cuddling and beating people over the head with, they are also great for adding flashes of colour to a room with no major overhaul in decor needed.

So that is what I have been busy with for a couple days – adding fresh colour and a few more cushions to our collection – for added ahhhh after a long day playing, support for old tired bones when knitting, and for good old fashioned pillow fighting.

Aaaaaaand I think I’m done with floral now…

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We’ve spent most of our week so far doing plenty of this: Elderflower cordial (me), blankets and snacks in the sun (them), gardening (old man) and just enjoying the hottest April I have ever known masha’allah.

Really really hoping to have more of the same this weekend.

See you Monday insha’allah.


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Blossom, posies, cheap daffodils! I’m a happy bunny. Such colour, texture and aroma.

“Mummy – the trees look like they’ve got icing on them”. Don’t they just!

Have a happy weekend people.


{EDIT: Random number picked number 8::}

Rashidah`s Aunty

Assalamu Alaikum,


The book is yours babes! I’ll get that wrapped up insha’allah and in the post ASAP


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I was flicking though Flickr and I came across some old photos of the babes. Moments which at the time seemed irrelevant can carry so many memories can’t they?

They can take you right back in an instant. Good God I was ill when these were taken.

Grobags! I’d forgotten the cuteness of Grobags!

And tinsel – and sleepsuits which had to be put on backwards lest they be rived off in an instant! I’d totally forgotten that fight!

Toddling. Waddling. Ready to clean up this town.

Small people for such a short time…

Memories can be such a double-edged sword…

Good God I love these people. Masha’allah.

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Whatever you celebrate this week/end (if anything) – have a good one! Me? I’m zoning out on all the yellow in my life, contemplating some craft (duh! no brainer) and hopefully chilling with my homies. It is ridiculous how easily pleased I am.

I’m having a Bank Holiday Monday – so shall we agree to see you here Tuesday? Yes? OK, insha’allah!


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