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When I first started crafting a couple years back now, these are the very first things I made.

Beach blankets and picnic blankets. It was the first time I had cut fabric (and learned you really need proper scissors!), the first time I had used a machine (straight lines really do help!) and the first ever patchwork (really now, you need to measure).

These blankets were the start of something very magical for me – they were the beginning of understanding how a creative life can improve the life of a whole family. They were the beginning of appreciating handmade (with the imperfections that sometimes permeate) over soulless mass produced things. They started the love of crafting for me.

These blankets have been everywhere with us. There is no adventure we have had that hasn’t included at least one of them (you can’t, by the definition of Enid Blyton, have an adventure without a picnic, can you?!). They have stood the test of time (so far!)

When I dug these out after a long, cold, winter of neglect and washed out their winter funk, it brought smiles to my babes: they knew what this meant :: it meant picnic season is closing in. Washed and ready all we are waiting for is the signal to GO.

And I hope that a summer of hard play leaves these well loved favourites covered in ice cream, sun cream and grass stains. And the fact that they are handmade – makes me love them even more.

Picnic season! Can’t wait!


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Yes, yes. It was a complete accident. I had absolutely NO intention of filling the shop just yet

But one thing lead to another…. I had some orders to fill, the stash was already all over the floor, so I just kept going til I’d added a few extra things.

It’s been a busy weekend. In fact, I could do with a weekend after this weekend! Ai!

So in no particular order, a glimpse of some things that have whizzed off the machine these last few days masha’allah

Another aqua patchwork cover. I had a lot of emails oohing and ahhing over the last one. I intend to make one for myself at some point insha’allah but this one is for the shop again.

Then another cover in the whimsical style of applique on linen. Again, a lot of love for the washing line, so another make for the shop…

This is a table runner, by request, not in the shop. A little bit of pink and butter colours with a little embroidery detail.

A wrap. Again, not in the shop but just a little something for someone special.

Although a pink patchwork wrap IS in the shop


Then this pencil roll. I loved making this. So fun.

And finally something I haven’t tried before: knitting for the shop. I kept it simple and knit a shawl, since I absolutely love the one I made for myself. It is so versatile and it really is my go-to choice of apparel in these chilly afternoons. Perfect for inside and outside.

So yeah, the shop is stocked masha’allah. And hopefully insha’allah tomorrow if I can shake this awful thumping headache, a show and tell of something just for meeeeeeeeeeeee.


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I know you’re still sleeping; it’s a little early for you, I know. I guess I’m being a little needy by writing to you and bugging you like this.

People tell me to embrace the season, and you know I really try. But I’m the type of gal who wears her heart on her sleave – when I love something I glow, and when I hate something, well… have you ever seen a bulldog licking salt off a nettle? Yeah… that’s me. And I have to tell you, Spring, that I hate winter. Not a pound-my-fist-into-the-ground-in-irrational rage or anything. Just a strong dislike.

So I’ve treaded the water of this dreary season for a while now. The vernal equinox, yeah it messed with my brain chemistry a little, but the daylight bulbs helped me out. The solstice? Meh, can’t complain. Dreary, but over fairly quickly.

No, it’s this time of year, Spring. When I can hear the birds chirping again, the winds have less chill, and I know that you are somewhere about – with your light-filled days, your promise of new growth and hopes of adventures – teasing us with endless hopes of road trips and beach play! Oh it makes me giddy!

So here’s a deal: how about you come extra early this year? We could blame it on global warming, no one need to know you just changed your mind is all. Instead of a season of three months I’m thinking maybe we could turn Spring into a four-and-a-half month bonanza? Whadya say?

No rush.

Take your time.

Think it over.

I’ll be right here working on my spring crafts waiting for your answer.

Yellow is a good colour.

Just saying.

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Remember this post? Well, the work is complete. What started off as a simple midget craft has turned into something bigger ::an act of love and generosity; a team effort; an idea taking shape, growing wings and being set free. But most of all I hope it was a lesson in action, that even the smallest amongst us should be listened to, supported, aided and guided and that even the smallest amongst us can produce great results.

The idea was from the boys,the centre panel is their work. I helped with the patchwork and cushion making somewhat, but the love? It’s all theirs.

And they are somewhat proud of themselves even if I do say so myself. It’s the type of pride you get when you see some beauty in your finished work and you think, “I made that”. They keep looking at the cushions and smiling. And now they are almost ready to be shipped out to the unsuspecting Aunties lucky recipients!

Other work around these parts:

This is something the midget likes to do whilst I am sewing – he cuts scraps of fabric, arranges them into something, draws a face (or wheels, or whatever) and asks me to sew it together. This is a crocodile.

Taking it a step further he is also immersed in applique right now too.

And who knows where this will lead us… but what I do know is, it will lead somewhere beautiful insha’allah.

Child labour – nothing beats it.

Have a good weekend, people. Snuggle up and get some embroidery going on!


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Last night, as both my children and I were sitting on the sofa embroidering together, the youngest amongst us piped:

“I want to *give* this to XYZ

I think I ignored him; my children do babble a lot and if I listened to everything I’d be comatose through confusion. But again he said:

“I want to sew diss and give diss to XYZ“.

Then he got up, picked up a cushion and said:

“When I sew diss, I make DISS and give it to XYZ. Okay?? Okay Mama??”

“You want to make a cushion for her? OK, we can do that”

Satisfied he sat and continued embroidering and I sat am marveled at the generousity of children, when just then my eldest piped up:

“Yeah, and I want to make one for ABC

*Shrugs* OK, guys. I’m happy – so with a little free time I’m helping with a patchwork border and then insha’allah the cushions will be done.

My children’s first handmade gifts.

And I hope not their last…

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Red and white. The colours of Winter, don’t you think? Made in less than one hour for all:

Inspired by Elise’s ideas, and this from way back when.

The doily was made with some white wool found at the bottom of my Nana’s knitting bag; a tiny little leftover ball from something she was knitting – a baby jacket I think. She died in 1994, and I know the last time anyone saw or used this wool was her. This little piece of craft brings me so much comfort because of that.

Hope the little things in your life bring you some joy too.

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I have this thing for cake stands. It might be some subconscious Great Grandmother memory going on, but cake stands really do it for me.

So much so that when I found a couple at a new-to-me thrift store I bought them both. To add to the one I already have. To add to the one I already have and already have no room for.

I’m a sucker for a pretty plate.

And I gasp out loud when I find pretty, vintage pillowcases *shrugs*. I really don’t know why. I really don’t. Some women pay thousands of pounds for a retail therapy high. Me? A 60p pillowcase and I’m anybody’s…

And a stash of floss. Ooh and STACK of National Geographic mags for the midget gratis.

I love thrifting. What can I say?

And now. Back to reality.


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