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You might have thought, like I did, that hat season officially finished, oooh two months back?

Nope. Not according to the Law of DH. Going from LOL-ing at my creations to now refusing to wear anything else, I had to knit another hat for him just so I could throw his other (grubby, over-used, bobbles-bordering-on-drealocks) hat away.

Of couse, this wasn’t a burden and using some lambswool and some blue acrylic (ack) I double knitted this version in double quick time using my own pattern.

It’s warm, covers his ears (a prerequisite for his hats, let me tell you) and looks totally unlike a Rastafarian’s. Unlike the old one, which had complete strangers yelling ONE LOVE, MAN whenever they passed him in the street.

Oh and the midget loves it. Not a necessity but totally a bonus.


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We like our comfort here in Chez Qalballah, as is apparent by the copious amount of cushions we have.

Good for lounging, propping, cuddling and beating people over the head with, they are also great for adding flashes of colour to a room with no major overhaul in decor needed.

So that is what I have been busy with for a couple days – adding fresh colour and a few more cushions to our collection – for added ahhhh after a long day playing, support for old tired bones when knitting, and for good old fashioned pillow fighting.

Aaaaaaand I think I’m done with floral now…

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I’m not even going to try to bother offering a justification for this recent fabric purchase. On so many levels I needed it. But I really wasn’t prepared for how *gorgeous* it is in the flesh.

These are part of Arcadia fabric collection by Sanae for Moda, over on Sew Mama Sew.

These photos do not do these elegant prints justice, they really don’t. I know I say that fabric makes me giddy a lot, but I swear these take my breathe away.

Sexy. Elegant. Subtle. Understated. Classically chic and effortlessly jaw-droppingly gorgeous….

But enough about me – the prints are really great too…

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I won! I won! I won something!

I’m excited – can you tell?

A while back over on Beauty That Moves I was lucky enough to be a Friday giveaway winner. This stuff is what I won….

So cute. Thankyou, Heather! Everything has found a home and that doily? Totally my favourite.

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For a long time now I have wanted a place to pin things which, for want of a better expression, inspired my creativity.

Lots of crafters have them. There is even a Flickr group and blog devoted to them.

And they come in all shapes – from simple wires or tapes with pegs to hold the inspirational piece in place, to actual quilt rails, whole walls, back down to basic cork boards with pins.

The reason why I’ve never had one is really because I never had the space. But it became apparent that I would soon really be needing one on a practical level, and voila! a space magically appears before me – necessity being the mother of invention, and all that. The back of a cupbaord door right next to where I work *slaps forehead* why oh why have I never seen it before?!

Right now my board comprises of fabric swatches and sketches (which I am not showing you :P); hardly inspirational, but totally totally revolutionary in terms of how this has improved my work.

There will probably be times when I will feel the need to pin up pictures and shapes and leaves and articles and other things which grip my imagination and make the craft mojo flow etc., but right now this is how I’m working, and it is really such a simple yet SUCH an effective tool. The space to mark out ideas and block work – at a glance my concentration is galvanised as I see just how I want my work to be. Simple, yes. But totally amazing in results.

Inspiration boards. I recommend them to you!

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The latest bundle from SewMamaSew.

I am loving up these prints right now. They make me dizzy just looking at them. And I’m so glad I went for that blue with pink roses number. Online it looked a lot brighter, like this in fact:

But the reality is a much softer, baby powder blue, with a washed out vintage thing going on. Lovely cotton weight with an excellent drape. The trouble with shopping online is that fabric is such a tactile material that you really only do get the whole deal when you have it in front of you.

I have some ideas for some cushion covers for the house, upstairs and down insha’allah.

Or perhaps just draped all over my sitting room in ‘flung-with-gay-abandon’ fabric orgy style. Who can tell. But I’m guessing it’ll be the cushion covers…

Dizzy, I tell ya…

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Yeah, so. I don’t know where these craft crazes come from, but when they hit? They hit HARD. I just decided, after reading Geninne’s Blog, and a post by Stefani, and then back to Geninne’s Blog for the hand carved stamp tutorial, that this was going to be something I might like having a go at. Just like spinning my own yarn…. hm… yeah.

So, again, before you know it I’m clicking PAY and this time getting me some Speedball cutter love of my own. And what can I say? It’s fun. Really really fun. And I will have to save up for some acrylic ink because I have the urge to stamp on every surface, not just paper…

I’m sure one day I might like to share this with the boys… but right now, it’s mine all mine mwahahahhahargh…

I don’t know. I just break out into a hot sweat imagining my two with sharp tools….

So. Much. Fun.

Go create.

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