Blogging off

I’m going to be closing this blog down soon. insha’allah will be starting another. if anyone wants new address plz email me at qalballah AT gmail DOT com and I will forward new address on when it is ready.


Thankyou to everyone who has emailed to ask about the new blog. I’m out of town at the moment and internet access is sporadic, as such, even though I would love to reply to you all I can’t so please don’t take this as a snub. When new blog up and running you’ll be informed via email insha’allah.



You might have thought, like I did, that hat season officially finished, oooh two months back?

Nope. Not according to the Law of DH. Going from LOL-ing at my creations to now refusing to wear anything else, I had to knit another hat for him just so I could throw his other (grubby, over-used, bobbles-bordering-on-drealocks) hat away.

Of couse, this wasn’t a burden and using some lambswool and some blue acrylic (ack) I double knitted this version in double quick time using my own pattern.

It’s warm, covers his ears (a prerequisite for his hats, let me tell you) and looks totally unlike a Rastafarian’s. Unlike the old one, which had complete strangers yelling ONE LOVE, MAN whenever they passed him in the street.

Oh and the midget loves it. Not a necessity but totally a bonus.

We like our comfort here in Chez Qalballah, as is apparent by the copious amount of cushions we have.

Good for lounging, propping, cuddling and beating people over the head with, they are also great for adding flashes of colour to a room with no major overhaul in decor needed.

So that is what I have been busy with for a couple days – adding fresh colour and a few more cushions to our collection – for added ahhhh after a long day playing, support for old tired bones when knitting, and for good old fashioned pillow fighting.

Aaaaaaand I think I’m done with floral now…

I don’t have any pretty pictures today, because, well, I just couldn’t be assed taking any.So I thought today we’d delve into the murky world of ‘news’.

Swine Flu; pooing your pants yet? In continuous suppliction? Not to cause a mass panic but you DO realise that once this virus hits China and parties with Bird Flu that we are all fugged, don’t you.

OK now panic.

But the good news is it’ll be good weather for it. Bring that on.

And it’s official – I’m technically thicker than a two year old.

So, no change there then.

Carry on.

EDITED TO ADD – actually I took a Mensa test some years ago and qualified to join, but they actually *charge you MONEY* to do so; I wrote back and told them I’m not that stupid….

So. Much. Fun.

So, Sew Mama Sew

I’m not even going to try to bother offering a justification for this recent fabric purchase. On so many levels I needed it. But I really wasn’t prepared for how *gorgeous* it is in the flesh.

These are part of Arcadia fabric collection by Sanae for Moda, over on Sew Mama Sew.

These photos do not do these elegant prints justice, they really don’t. I know I say that fabric makes me giddy a lot, but I swear these take my breathe away.

Sexy. Elegant. Subtle. Understated. Classically chic and effortlessly jaw-droppingly gorgeous….

But enough about me – the prints are really great too…